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F-105 Thunderchief #491 | Duct Work


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One Response to “F-105 Thunderchief #491 | Duct Work”

  1. Joe Jay says:

    Hellow Bob; Your doing a awesome job brother “outstanding”. I would dry fit it cut the wing ducks 1/2 inch long Tape your wing ducks to wing slide both sides in place see if your Ok (Spar & duk)If your ok cut 1/2″ Glue in wing ducks to wing Repeat step to line up duck# 2 there should be enough room to bolt wings & then ear mount duck#2 to bulk head with gide pins & “BAM” duck#3 should slide rite in, Cut the other end ear mount to rails. “No What I mean vern”. Now I don’t clame to Know everything people I’m just unambesouse student just trying to help, Good luck zombie dude.

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