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F-105 Thunderchief #481 | Painting Bars and Stars Gone Bad


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8 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #481 | Painting Bars and Stars Gone Bad”

  1. andrew baum leicester uk says:

    hi bob have you tried petrol (gas) on a rag and wipe over it .it should come off .ps thanks for the great vids thank you

  2. mike says:

    Hi Bob
    Have you thought of trying “Goo Gone” or a solvent like MEK?


  3. Tom Perry says:

    Goo Gone should remove it without taking the paint with it. I use it by the gallons!

  4. areseemodler (keith) says:

    Baby Oil / clean up with soap

  5. Joe Jay says:

    It’s Ok Bob we all have moments like that. Keep on Ducking & keep on trucking brother. That dirty Girl is looking sharp man. The tack rag might work but don’t hold me to it. Be careful what you use on there, I would hate to see it fish eye on ya when the clear goes on. Shoot Bob you might is well put the RESCUE sticker on, my yellow pin sripe on the outer edge of nose a red zipper stripe next to star & bars on the fuse & shadow the gun port…. just kidding will get it later I know you want that Foxy 105 in the air baby. Your clear for take off brother.

  6. Gary Baugh says:

    I think I would try Tom Perry’s suggestion, Bob. “Goo Gone” has been very, very good to me, for me, by me. If worse comes to worst, toothpaste is a fine rubbing compound that might be a solution to your problem.

  7. Manny MOnroy says:

    Goo Off will do it!!

  8. martial says:

    Try a Magic Eraser! They work for everything else!

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