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F-105 Thunderchief #470 | Making Her Dirty


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4 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #470 | Making Her Dirty”

  1. rye says:

    hey bob
    man she looks great, is the gun port door primer gray or is it my eyes

  2. Lou Lombardi says:


    I just finished a BVM F-4 painted with VF-111 Sundowner livery which includes sharks teeth. An artist friend hand painted the teeth.

    Since the F-105 nose is similar to the F-4 I thought you might want to see it.

    Look at BVM website under F-4 custotmer photos, model by Lou Lombardi. I would like to attach photo but can’t find a way. Send me your e mail address and I will send photos. Since you like the F-4 you might enjoy seeing them.

    Keep up the good work, really liked your wethering technique much simpler than mine.

    Lou Lombardi

  3. Joe Jay says:

    She’s looking zombie girl dirty, she looks awesome brother your doing a fantastic job.

  4. Jeff Alter says:

    Bob..she looks fantastic…I learned years ago from Charlie Chambers..he earned his wings some time ago prematuraly and watches over us that by taking black and white and some other colors like a brown, diluted to where it has the consistency of water and with the air brush is sprayed towards the rear from panel lines…you wont need to sand…it will give the illusion of oil, grime..or made darker…carbon from gun fire…its an awesome trick…try it and see what ya think


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