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F-105 Thunderchief #469 | Painting Tail Cone


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2 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #469 | Painting Tail Cone”

  1. Joe Jay says:

    Hello Bob if you gooogle F105 shark mouth there are alotta links about were its orgin came from & which one is scale. I think the one on the box is scale for the two seater & the one I sent you is the only one Ive seen for the 105D model. there are some nice picture @ cloud 9 link. Check it out man. Oh I drew one on the back of one picture & theres Castles # on brocher to find out if that one is acurate. they both look good.

  2. Ron says:

    The silver looks great, especially with the panel line detail. It added a lot of character to the jet. Same with the nose. That’s besides the excellent cammo paint.

    If you don’t mind me asking, was there a reason why you didn’t spray the inside of the exhaust. Or is it not as exposed once you put the tail pipe in? Same with the inside flanges where the canopy rests? I ask because to me it seems that it would eliminate any of the exposed primer in the gaps if the canopy is not sitting properly. And the exhaust, just wondering.

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