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F-105 Thunderchief #444 | Build Update


Today is the last day to submit “Your favorite F-105 Paint Scheme” to  More info can be found on the Contest page.

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7 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #444 | Build Update”

  1. Thumbs up for a Phoenix-prep mini-series……….

  2. I havent heard any thing about the B-1 plane in a while. Is it on hold?. Give us a update on the curent status of that progect please.
    Ps. The Thunder Chief is Def going to be a front page article, world wide.

  3. Mike Hannah says:

    I agree on the Pheonix build mini series. It may not be a Thunderchief or a B1 but any fix is better than no fix at all.


  4. Jeff Alter says:

    keep the vids coming Bob…
    and thank you for all the kind words…
    Dad’s at rest

  5. Gary Baugh says:

    Gerald, Bob has begun the Thunderchief Project as a source of funding for the B1 completion. To my knowledge, the first five 105’s have already been ordered. I have gleaned this information from watching the videos and have no further knowledge as to the details of cost, price, etc. for the “Thud.” We are all waiting for Bob to return to the B1, but have been enjoying this “diversion.” It’s quite entertaining to see the spawning of a new, old “Bird” for our skies. Since the Chief is a prototype, we are quite eager for the first test flight which gets closer by the episode.
    Bob has already learned a great deal from this new build, most notably from the great weight saving and increased skin rigidity/strength by utilizing the pink foam. He intends to use this knowledge to re lay-up the fuselage of the B1 and save a great deal of weight. Perhaps Bob can sell the first fuselage as a display model (although it is fully airworthy).

  6. bill wise says:

    hay bob have though about doing a wild weasel two seater of the 105 i think it was the d or f model

  7. Joe Jay says:

    HEllo, Bob there are some nice pictures out there I’ve tried to send to you but most pixs are copyrighted and wont let me send them ,but I really like the one on the front box with the dark greens & the buck skin tans with the yellow stripe @ the nose & the yellow & black checkerd strip on the v-stab with Id# RM. Yha the pin up hot check looks good to. the thunder bird looks prety awesome to. I have the helmet for the zomdie dude if that sceme is picked. Thumbs up on the count down vidoes

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