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F-105 Thunderchief #437 | Molding Hatch

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2 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #437 | Molding Hatch”

  1. Bob, I echo your choice of paint schemes since it not only honors the men who flew the “Thud” in ‘Nam, but lends authenticity to this noble bird. You now have two votes for the “box” look.
    In regard to Butch’s mold suggestion, only you know what is best for production. My personal rule has always been to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), but the simplicity of his idea may be outweighed by the increased difficulty of the lay-up. GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW, for now, but keep that good suggestion in mind for future tries.

  2. Ron says:

    Bob, it’s a prototype? You are the one going to fly it regularly. I’ll see it from the photos and videos. And it will look great from my house. You’ll be the one loading it in and out of the truck and on to the feild? So I say paint it like the box. That seems to be what you like, and again, your the one flying it. Besides since it is a prototype, shouldn’t it have YF numbers? =0P

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