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F-105 Thunderchief #400 | Laying Up 2nd Elevator

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2 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #400 | Laying Up 2nd Elevator”

  1. Joe Jay says:

    Right on John from Nebraska, thanks for the go go juice for the 105 you rock man. I wonder if we could get someone to donate a 20’foot or so trailer & have them advertise on your web site put there name on your t-shirts & have them at the madain event with a tent & some of there other products & have some kinda buying package deal were thay wouldn’t have to make a payment until 2012, the Bob-o descount. wouldn’t that be nice. A tax right off & a whole lotta exposure people. (hint hint)Seeya in the shop.

  2. Informative the way in which really feel in regards to F-105 Thunderchief #400 | Laying Up 2nd Elevator | B1 Model Project. brbr The only thing i personally can focus on is if you plan to apply it in this manner you will want equipped to perform the time and effort. brbr And of course this will not be very common as men and women are quite nonproductive in the world today.

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