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F-105 Thunderchief #373 | Working on Stab Parts


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7 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #373 | Working on Stab Parts”

  1. gary whitney says:


  2. Jerry Pate says:

    Hey Bob,

    My wife wants to know if your camera is broke? She says if I don’t get my ‘Builder Bob’ fix, I’m not fit to live with :)

  3. Joe Jay says:

    “Hey every buddy” welcome to my comment; Alright people, what did you think about that front landing gear, do you think a u-joint will work or should they scale it down 3/4 of uninch. I like Pauls design , but then again Dads a perty sharp dude to. I also like how that wing is coming out that three door system looks really good I hope they dont forget about the larger rear wheels it may not make that much defrence maybe 1/8 to 1/4 I’m not sure, but I would of lowered the landing gear 1/2 inch & cut the strut 1/4 inch.Oh hey What size wheels do you need fore the back I have a extra set of 1/5.5 scale F-16 landing gear with wheels let me Know if you need them. For parts or what ever. “Oh hey I need that”,(haahaa)I bet you do, just kidding. Don’t forget them sponser people, Camlex has some cool stuf man, “Whats up Monnica”. This is a drama free zone seeya back in the shop.

  4. B1Bomber says:

    Hi Joe, I believe Bob needs two 5 inch wheels and hubs. Plus the breaking drum that will fit the hub too. That is on the wish list.

  5. B1Bomber says:

    No just some needed time off.

  6. Joe Jay says:

    Hello Bob, you need a brake bother. In the trucking world after 70 hours we take 34 hours off we call it a log reset. I measured the wheels I have they are 3.3/4 inches diam, with braking hub. seeya in the shop

  7. B1Bomber says:

    Joe Jay, thanks but he needs 5 inch diameter wheels. The jet currently has 4 inch wheels.

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