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F-105 Thunderchief #300 | Wing Build

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2 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #300 | Wing Build”

  1. Jeff Alter says:

    Hey Bob…I’ve been doing those hinges like you have shown for years…I was friends with Charlie Chambers who was a big scale fan…he built and flew the first ducted fan jets in scale competition along with Dave Platt…and had shown me most of the tricks he used..the object of a scale hinge is to ROLL the surface and its actualy within the gaps..

    you can also take 2 sizes of carbon fiber tubes that fit into each other..they can be installed right down the hinge center line there by the servos can be installed at the root of the wing where it joins the fuselage keeping all the weight towards the centerline…the servos could then be installed side by side and or extend the wing into the fuse that way all the servos are in the fuse by still attached to the wing..

    I know this all sounds confusing but this has been done before and works well…you will need to make bearing surfaces on either ends of the ailerons and flaps…

    or just use the carbon fiber rods as supports and mount the servos where ever…

  2. Sid Gates says:

    Last week I ask for the wing area of your F-105 because I wanted to compare the weight of your composite wing to a built up wing. Someone suggested that I get the wing area from specs for the full scale which I have done. Based on a 1/6 scale model you have a wing area of 10.64 sq. ft. giving a wing loading of 12.03 oz per square ft.
    Today I weighed the wing of my scale project and I have a wing area of 4.97 sq. ft giving a loading of 11.67 oz per sq. ft. My wing is built up balsa construction with carbon spars, covered with 3/4oz glass cloth and primed with white primer.
    The loadings above of course are based on the weight of the wings only. I am impressed with your design. My wing is strong enough but not nearly as rugged or dent resistant as your composite wing. Both wings are at about the same point of finish so I think this is a good comparison.

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