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F-105 Thunderchief #166 | Cleaning Up Mold


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6 Responses to “F-105 Thunderchief #166 | Cleaning Up Mold”

  1. David says:

    Bob-you do great work,but I don`t think most viewers truly realize the time involved! I have one tip for you. When you are coating the plug with resin-add a colored pigment to the resin [black-orange-red ] that way it is much easyer to see air bubbles when you are making a layup-anp it is much easyer to see imperfections in the mold.The pigment is most often used with polester resin but works fine with epoxy resin. Keep up the good work !!

  2. Kelly says:

    David about how much color would you add

  3. David says:

    Kelly-the simplist way to determine the amount of pigment to resin ratio is to do the way your grandmother did when she cooked-a pintch of this\a little of that-Im serious!Make a small test batch of (thorughly mixed resin and catalist and then add a small amount of pigment) to that mix.You want the mix to be truely opaque-no more -no less.Colored molds not only make it easyer to spot air bubbles in the layup of your part,but they really look high tech and cool!-David

  4. Kelly says:

    I made a silancer for a paintball gun a few years ago out of fiberglass and used food coloring turned out pretty good, I used the pintch of this method took about 10 drops to get the color I wanted. I thought maybe there was a formula for it.

    Ive been watching bobs videos a lot, Ive learned a lot of things I just cant get over the cost of doing what he does. I wish cloth and resin was cheaper :) I would like to do a bigger project.

    Hey bob how about getting a wifi motion PTZ camera mount it in the coener of shop we could watch it all even when you scratch you head LOL.
    Keep up the work

  5. David says:

    Kelly-when I say pigment,I do not mean food coloring.What iam refering to is a product that is expressly made for coloring resin.You can purchase it at the better fiberglass\resin supply places.

  6. Kelly says:

    I know,
    I just used food coloring cause thats what I had on hand and it did work pretty good.

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