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Episode #183 | Landing Gear

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5 Responses to “Episode #183 | Landing Gear”

  1. Kyle says:

    Hey there! We didn’t get a chance to meet when you were in town. I a a friend of Paul and Butch. I drew a lot of the markings for your project and was hoping to get some closeups of how the Star of Abilene came out as well as insignia, Cocards, etc. 8ft away doesn’t really satisfy my curiousity.

  2. Stoneb1b says:

    As you saw at Dyess the B-1 is now modified to carry the Advanced Sniper Targeting POD. Although the POD isn’t overly….”pretty” it is a great enhancement.
    When you first mentioned putting cameras on you bomber I thought “why ruin the graceful lines of such a beauty”…
    Well….how about if you combined these two into one removable accessory! Have a pan/tilt camera in a scale Sniper POD mockup that you can attach when wanted and remove for aesthetics…..just an idea.

  3. Ed Zurek says:

    Bob already HUNGRY lets see the beef!!!

  4. Twirc says:

    Hey Bob
    Need the Brisket recipe :)
    Looking forward to you coming back to

    Thumbs Up

  5. Sid Gates says:

    I would to hear some current esitmates of weight at takeoff Dry & Wet. What is the estimated wing loading?

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