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Episode #182 Pt.1 | Connecting Hydraulics


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2 Responses to “Episode #182 Pt.1 | Connecting Hydraulics”

  1. Paul Emanuel says:

    Hi Bob it’s Paul Mostosi (Emanuel is my 2nd name). I was at dyess afb and met you butch and Paul there. I am the italian guy living in the netherlands. No worries about the t-shirt size. I made the donation via paypal and the one at dyess and got my shirt there. Baby b1 looks great as well and i’m sure It will be great fun to fly when sorted out! Great job! It was nice to see you guys there! Have fun building the b1! I am having fun watching you on YouTube ! greatings Paul Mostosi

  2. Vipersden aka Thunderbird Fan says:

    Hope there’s room in the basement for the bomber.

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