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Episode #178 Pt.2 | Last Day til Dyess AFB

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5 Responses to “Episode #178 Pt.2 | Last Day til Dyess AFB”

  1. Jim Jamieson says:

    What is the expected total weight on takeoff?

  2. Jim Jamieson says:

    You are going to use two jetcats, but what are the plans for mounting in the nacelles? Will you mount them centrally in each nacelle or mount on the inside or outside engine nacelle?

  3. Roy Seavers says:

    his previous videos noted about 250 pounds. There is going to be 4 P-200 Jetcats, two in each.

  4. dan wakefield says:

    I guess Jim Jamieson hasn’t watched all of the videos…hehe. Bob also explained that the total power to weight ratio will be about 1:1 all most. But when you run multiple turbines together they have a accumulative effect on one another, therefore having a increase in overall power gains. Like 2 Nascars drafting one another are faster than one alone. You get a multiple effect to the turbines being coupled together.

  5. Austin powers says:

    If u put green paint on the top of it. IT WILL LOOK CRAP!!! Dont see many USAF or woteva paint the top green,Leave it gray or it will look rubbish. I think your about to make a massive mistake personally

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