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Episode #175 Pt.2 | Internal Stab Parts

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2 Responses to “Episode #175 Pt.2 | Internal Stab Parts”

  1. dan wakefield says:

    Hello Bob, great work and attention to detail. Most of us probally understand why you need to have the internal spars set to a specific point. You mention a jig to help set the carbon tube. The reason I bring it up is to have you explain “why”. I will take a “stab” in the dark and say that you want the horizontal stabs to have the same rotating axis so that the stabs will act with the same force and direction when they move. It could be harmful to have one side or another to have more trim downforce vs the other when you want the stabs to fly equal to each other.

  2. Jim Jamieson says:

    I totally agree with Dan Wakefield. Bob your attention to detail is much appreciated and people who say you sound drunk are totally out of line. Your work is fascinating and as you say you’re just tired. I asked earlier if you are planning on using two servos, one for each stab? This would give you the option to precisely tune the rotating axis of each. I’m also interested in the CG change when the wing configuration changes.

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