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Episode #173 | Mounted Wings

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3 Responses to “Episode #173 | Mounted Wings”

  1. Jim J says:

    Looking great Bob!
    As the wings swing sweep back and forth, how to you plan for CG adjustment?

  2. Patrieck says:

    Looking very good Bob!

    Can’t wait to see all the pieces together (with the last wing and the nacells on her)

    Question: Are the ‘slots’ where the wings fold back into in the hull going to be closed up when the wings are swept forward??

  3. Kane says:

    Going to need a bigger trailer! Maybe one like those race car guys use with some B1 graphics on it and sponsor advertising. On the home stretch now when we see the parts coming together and she looks fantastic. This project has been unbelievable to watch in such detail as you have made possible with the videos, great work Bob/Butch and thanks.

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