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Episode #172 Pt.1 | Assembling Stab Together

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4 Responses to “Episode #172 Pt.1 | Assembling Stab Together”

  1. Mark Thorley says:

    Bob I just though of a another RC airplane to build. How about a F-111 Advark it also had swep wings maybe the presider for the B1 and F14.

  2. Kane says:

    Hey Bob,

    With that front balsa spar how are you going to do your flange for gluing the leading edge on? Maybe it is already there and I did not see it. I will wait and watch, keep up the great work!


  3. Lou from Topeka says:

    Watching and listening to the dust issue I remember my uncle a bodyman from the fifties talked about wetting the floor to control overspray and sanding dust. But might not be a great idea if the floor is smooth finished. Don’t want to add any drama with a slip and fall. Have you considered assembling the plug for a display model for the base at Dyess?

  4. rooster says:

    Hey!Bob, I was curious about the carbon fiber pivot shaft for the stab. Are you just relying on the peace of light ply to keep it from rotating? video #172 part 1. That’s alot of stress at this point. Is the bond with the epoxy that strong? I think what you and your dad and butch have done is just amazing, you guys rock!I plan on building a f-15c strike eagle in 1/3 scale powerd by two jet cat p-200s. Well at least i can dream about it LOL. Some day i will build one but i’m unemployed right now,I have done sheet rock for 20year. Did you know that companys that are hiring want to know your life history, and then some! WHAT A SHOCK AFTER 20 YEARS. Have a nice day rich,

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