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Episode #171 Pt.3 | Laying up Real Stab

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4 Responses to “Episode #171 Pt.3 | Laying up Real Stab”

  1. Rob Coffman says:

    Hey, Bob

    If you are still looking for somebody to duplicate The Star’s nose art, check out He does some very nice aircraft profile prints and has already done one The Star. You might be able to work something out with him.

  2. Barry says:


    You made a comment that you are looking for the Nose Art of the SoA.

    I do have a PSD (Photoshop Layed image) of the SoA for a 3ds Max
    Model that I can send you.

    Are you able to use the PSD file to create it for the B-1?

    I sent you a picture of my SoA to your

    I can redo the image to a bigger size.
    How big are you needing it?

  3. SidGates says:

    What is the weight of the carbon cloth you are using on the stabs?

  4. Sid, the carbon cloth weight is 5.7oz.

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