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Episode #168 | Inside Elevator


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2 Responses to “Episode #168 | Inside Elevator”

  1. SixxPk says:

    Hey Bob I used to own a couple of L1011’s and they had De-pleaded Uranium in them for counter weights but that was a problem for us so we had them changed out to Tugnstin counter weighs. I think I have some laying around in our warehouse. If you want I can send you a block….

  2. Mike Fox says:

    Hi Bob, you are good what you do also bob you should used lite plywood for the Elevators ribe should be 3/8 or 7/16 also you may shure up the carbine tube alrounde its if you dont may not be safe to fly i am build 1/2a scale p38 lighting also going to kit bashing making 2 corairs fushlog using the wing from corair for the airplane also keep up the teaching.

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