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Episode #167 | Mounted Test Horizontal Stab


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5 Responses to “Episode #167 | Mounted Test Horizontal Stab”

  1. Lou Lombardi says:


    Why not use the 1/4″ carbon fibre as a spar?

    Also why not a layer of thin carbon fibre underneath the balsa of the wing skin?

    I have seen that this is what Bob Violett has done on his F-4 wing that looks about the same size as your B-1 Elevator.

    I have confidence that between you and Butch that you will figure it out the best way possible as usual.

    I await eagerly for each episode.


    Lou Lombardi

  2. Richard says:

    Hey Bob, why don’t you just make arms to fasten on the bar INSIDE the fuse and let that big ol servo work inside with no holes? If you have room to install the servo, you should have room to install custom fabricated arms.

  3. SLCPilot says:

    So, will the stabs be fully counterbalanced? I imagine that will be a chunck of lead up front! Also, is when’s the anticipated first flight? Hopefully FF interests won’t be more important than “doing it right”!

  4. Jeff says:

    When you lay up your stab halves, it would be nice if you showed the trimming of the glass. I’m curious to see how it works on the trailing edge where it would be a steep angle across a wide section of glass.

  5. kwbarnes says:


    You are talking about 3 inches of elevator travel. Do you really think that will be enough? Check out these 2 videos of the full scale… (about 9 1/2 minutes in, after the main gear sequence)

    Notice the elevator travel used in the full scale? You might need 3 inches just for trim.

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