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Episode #164 Pt.2 | Working on Stab Mold


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4 Responses to “Episode #164 Pt.2 | Working on Stab Mold”

  1. skip medley says:

    Hey Bob, been a fan from day 1, Butch, yourself and of course Dad has done one heck of a job on the B-1.
    My question is why are you molding the stab in two parts, that is the leading edge separate from the stab it self? I may have miss something in one of your drama free vidios.
    Also please e-mail me your address, I have something to send you. And I would like to have a B-1 t-shirt, the biggest size you have, color any color besides baby blue.
    Any questions call me 301-384-5745 any time.

    Happy flying

  2. SidGates says:

    Since you are sharing your molding secrets my wife wants to know if you will share your potatoe salad recipe.

    Also I would like to hear more about internal construction of the horz. stab and how the leading edge will be joined to the rest of the wing.

  3. REUBEN says:

    Two things….
    1) why are you always making the leading edges molded separately instead of a top and bottom half.
    2) Is the release molding (PARTALL) mixed/diluted with anything else (water perhaps?) when spraying it?



  4. B1Bomber says:

    Bob gives a good explanation of your question Rueben in Episode #165 Pt.2.

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