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Episode #160 Pt.5 | Making Horizontal Stab Mold


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2 Responses to “Episode #160 Pt.5 | Making Horizontal Stab Mold”

  1. kwbarnes says:


    I noticed that you didn’t seal the end of the cardboard tube before appling the surface coat resin. If any resin enters the tube during the layup, could it lock the stab into the mold so that the mold can’t be released from the plug? Also if the tube stays open, is it possible that any resin from the layup of the other surface could enter the tube and bond with any existing resin from the first mold, bonding the mold halves together with the plug inside?


  2. alan says:

    Hey Bob ist a good job starfighter anne aint building a A-10 warthog LOL

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