Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Episode #157 Pt.1 | Pulling Vertical Stab Mold


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5 Responses to “Episode #157 Pt.1 | Pulling Vertical Stab Mold”

  1. Rich says:

    Put that F-16 together later! Get back to the real deal!! More B1 Bomber Bob!!

  2. andy askwith says:

    you get a double thumbs from me bob on putting the f16 together
    lets face it all your doing is what you said on your interview
    passing on your knowledge to every 1 keep up the good work :)

  3. Kane says:

    Drama free zone because we are watching a Pro at work! God bless you Bob and your B1 soon to take too the wild blue.

  4. erich says:

    dear bob,
    i have nothing to do with b1s or rc planes but i watch faithfully your videos, because a life without passion is not worth living… thank you

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