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Episode #156 Pt.5 | Joining Vertical Stab

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5 Responses to “Episode #156 Pt.5 | Joining Vertical Stab”

  1. Jerry Pate says:

    Hi Bob,

    I am really enjoying your build. Keep at it – sometimes it can seem overwhelming.
    I know you are familiar with Harbor Freight – did you know they sell the chip brushes by the case? Much cheaper.
    Why do you use wingnuts to secure your mold halves? Wouldn’t it be easier/faster to use regular nuts and a drill equipped with a deep well socket? You could adjust the torque on your drill to the desireed tightness.

  2. Sterling says:

    Hey Bob, looking good! A few videaos back you were building your own hydraulics for the gear doors and bomb bays. I’ve been looking for the kit you got from eurokit and haven’t had any luck.
    You mention that everything is included to build a system. Can you tell me where you got those parts? I’m building an ov-10 and want to incorporate hydraulic gear and doors.
    Thanks in advance,


  3. keith says:

    hI Bob,you are doing a great job,i am enjoying seeing it come together,i got some air rams like you used on the doors but where do you get the air connecters/fittings from? regards Keith

  4. andy askwith says:

    hi bob ive been thinking about the vertical stab why not mold it like you have done with the the main wing and leave the leading edge off so you can glue it together without coarsing your self to much trouble thats how i think i would do it m8

  5. Richard says:

    Bob, just watching your broadcast and have a question. Why don’t you just install the tube for the light wire with a sacrificial wire in it? You can install it during your lay up and then there is no need to try to “fish it” out.Just a thought.

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