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Episode #149 Pt.1 | Bomb Bays

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One Response to “Episode #149 Pt.1 | Bomb Bays”

  1. Lou Lombardi says:


    I am an avid watcher of your B-1 Build. I was involved in the design and building of the electrical ground support (400Hz) for the Palmdale production facility for the Bomber.I spenta lot of time watching the first production build in Palmdale.

    I am an RC builder and am currently building a BVM F-4 kit.

    Can you tell me how to get to Tom Flynn so I know where to buy the F-4 book that he sent you.I am using ProMark labels but there is nothing I can find that shows where the various labels and symbols should be applied.

    Thanks for your excellent work and instruction from a master builder.


    Lou Lombardi
    (760) 771-3660
    80201 Riviera
    La Quinta CA. 92253

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