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Episode #145 | Butch’s Shop


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12 Responses to “Episode #145 | Butch’s Shop”

  1. Norbert Dorough says:

    The “Lockheed Dorito” plane is known as the A-12 Avenger II the replacement for the A-6 as an all-weather Stealth project.

  2. George says:

    Was that an A-12 in Butch’s attic?

  3. michael wharton says:

    norbert is right it’s the A-12

  4. andy askwith says:

    yep its an avenger alright a12
    that loft is more like an aladins cave

  5. CarlB says:

    A-12 for sure. Well it’s based on artwork that the company released. To my knowledge no photographs of the ‘real’ A-12 were ever released due to security concerns.

  6. Jerry Trahan says:

    Bob I don’t kn ow who was making it but the name is the Dorado. It was suposed to be a carrier based attack fighter.Itwas also designed to have the wings fold one would fold foward and the other would fold aft so they could take maximumadvantage of space on board a carrier

  7. Michael Rau says:

    The model is of a Horten flying wing developed by the Horten brother for Germany.

  8. Rob says:

    How about that X-15 in the attic?

  9. Brad V says:

    Others have posted the correct answer, the Lockheed A-12 which was too replace the aging A-6 Intruder. The Navy wanted a stealth aircraft since the Air Force had the F-117 and B-2. The program was canceled due to cost over runs and some say Lockheed never had a built airframe that could house all the gear the Navy wanted, just word of mouth gossip.

  10. Richard Hayes says:

    it is an A-12, for sure. the project was cancelled because of budgetary concerns, but also because the Navy decided to go with a navalised version of the F-35 instead. should be interesting to see that one when it comes out. :)


  11. Alan Passmore says:

    You got to make that A12 fly .Next project after the B-1 please.

    in Sunderland

  12. goose213 says:

    I believe it is a experimental aircraft A1201 by Grumman.

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