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Episode #142 | Parting Planes Pt.3


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3 Responses to “Episode #142 | Parting Planes Pt.3”

  1. Ian - Australia says:

    Speaking of posting video’s, any chance of seeing that cool landinging gear in operation, with some sound if possible?

  2. Austin laws says:

    Maybe you should use instead. no ads no long time for waiting for uploading and its free for 500MB’s of upload. Youtube is just a joke now since google took over. I would change if i was you. is 1000 times better than you(crappy)tube.

  3. Nick Hall says:

    Hi Bob,
    Love the videos as always, 10 minutes at a time, and keep the freight train chugging!
    Yep go with the flycam in the foamy!
    Keep up the fantastic informative work, never miss a video,

    Regards Nick in the UK.

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