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Episode #140 | Sanding and Filling Pt.1


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2 Responses to “Episode #140 | Sanding and Filling Pt.1”

  1. Austin laws says:

    hi bob i think you mean upload lol. Download is when you download from the internet. when you upload a video to youtube its called upload. Anyway bomber is looking good.

  2. Roger says:

    Bob, I noticed at the very beginning of this series that the video taken in your dad’s garage looked a lot better (better color, better clarity and depth of field). For one thing, he has windows in his garage that let in much needed light during day light hrs. The light you added today is a good step in the right direction, but you would have even better results if you doubled the light level again–no kidding. As you may know, the camera’s iris has to operate wide open in low light which gives a very narrow depth of field to your video picture. With more light you get more of any given picture in focus and much better color rendition. I’ve been on professional movie sets where everybody wears sunglasses just because they use insane amounts of light to get the best results. I’ve watched everyone of your videos with great interest because I was in and out of the RC hobby about 20 yrs ago. I’ve been thinking about getting back in again and have an interest in fiber glass/carbon structures. Since I am a semi-retired building contractor I’ve had my share of problems with light hitting wall finishes just the wrong way when a client is looking at them. I always strive for a class five finish (level and smooth)whether it’s called for or not. Lumps, bumps,shadows, nail heads, and seams are every contractors nightmare. If you could let me know what your camera make and model number is I might be able to give you an affordable and doable lighting solution suggestion. Keep up the excellent work! Out here on the shaky side in Berzerkeley, California.

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