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Episode #119 | Bomb Bay Doors Pt.6


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One Response to “Episode #119 | Bomb Bay Doors Pt.6”

  1. Jose Lalanza says:

    Hi Bob!
    I am a modeller from Spain, I have been looking all your videos, and man they are superb!!!.
    I am through a project, I am making the plug to make the molds for a 1/5 scale spanish Jet trainer, the C-101 Aviojet.
    I would like to comment something about the round hinges…. Yes they must be alingned at the same deepness, but the twist too, I allways put the hinges in the Elevator, Flap, Wheel dors, etc. like you do, but before the glue is setup, I check all of them by tilting vertical the other end of the hinge, and check if they are square 90º about the Elevator, doors etc. then I let them flat on the table and alling them for deepness like you, because if one or various hinges ar a litle bit twisted the doors or flying surfaces will not moove or they will moove to hard.
    Congratilations Bob and Dad for your work!!!!

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