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Episode #116 | Molding Wing Pt.5


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4 Responses to “Episode #116 | Molding Wing Pt.5”

  1. vincent mounsey says:

    need more time lol ,my girlfriend lis like say that i am on drugs because i keep in cking to see if new vid are up.So i told here i could bee drinking beer or say home to see what is going on in the SHOP lol

  2. Rich says:

    You know Bob, you will kill us in suspense if you go back to videos once a week. lol

  3. andy says:

    guys these videos are what this hobby needs more of ppl like bob and butch and pops that want to help other people and pass on the skills they have i know i am enjoying every minute of these and i have learned no end to the point were i want to have go myself with the next plane i cant do anything with the one im building at the moment as you can see

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