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Episode #114 | Slicking up the wing Pt.7


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3 Responses to “Episode #114 | Slicking up the wing Pt.7”

  1. Rolf Samulewicz says:

    Hey, I’ve been watching since #13 I give you credit for sticking with this! As a profesional car builder I know how difficult it is to stay the coarse the big stuff is always the easiest it’s always the “jewlry”,all the nigly bits that take so much time! I check almost every day to see what you have done. I look forward to seeing your project completed. When I get a little extra cash I’ll send something for the fund I hope you have med.”t’ shirts left.Keep going your an inspiration!
    Sonoma, Ca.

  2. Rolf Samulewicz says:

    hey can I get a shirt? 1373 lubeck st Sonoma Ca.95467

  3. B1Bomber says:

    You can go to the Donate page and Click on the Paypal link to purchase one. $25.00 includes shipping. Thanks!

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