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Episode #110 | Primed Bomb Bay

(Certificates from the 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron posted on our Contributors page)

Thank you Tom Cook, Mark Basel and the USAF (37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron), you guys ROCK!!!

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9 Responses to “Episode #110 | Primed Bomb Bay”

  1. Val Desantis says:

    united-states-flag (dot) com
    that is where you can get a US flag display case. That is a very beautiful thing. God bless you and good luck.

  2. Bob says:

    thanks I will get me one


  3. Tim Lavender says:

    I have been watching every step of the way and it has been a great journey! This is my first time to write. Keep it coming,I love it. I’ve been a model builder for forty years and this is the most interesting build I have ever seen. Love dad’s project too. TIM

  4. vincent mounsey says:

    one thing how can i get a t-shirt?How much i would like to get one and send it over to my uncle that is in Iraq.He is in the air force and this is 3 time over there.It would bee cool to give him this form U.S.A to show the people over there what we do lol.Good job on the videos i wish there were long.Tell your dad to keep up the work.

  5. Richard Hayes says:

    as I commented on youtube……….what an honour to get that flag. maybe you can paint the B1 to depict the plane that the flag flew on, in honour of the crew that fly it!? maybe we might get to see your B1 at one of the jet rallies, up her in the great white north. keep up the good work and can’t wait to see this plane completed and maidened. Rich

  6. Bob Kirby says:

    I would recomend that you use the markings and call sign of the 37th EBSq. May you allways have a smile on your face, love in your heart and money in your pockets.

  7. Brieghton rumell says:

    i am try to buil a smaller version of your b-1b. but i am asking how did you make the molds. you rock and i watched every one of your videos right now i am skcetching the landing gear and i am sill trying to draw it and it triky.(you rock

  8. Mike Giudici says:

    Hi Bob,
    I wonder if you could demonstrate the correct way to measure wing incidence using the incidence meter you had at your dad’s shop? I enjoy watching your movies, keep up the great work.Oh yea, Great job on the SR-71 Bob,s dad.

  9. Richard Bean says:

    Bob, I have to let you know, I came across these videos and now I’m hooked. I sat down and went through all the previous ones( I saw the 84th episode first). When is the next one coming?

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