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Episode #109 | Bomb bay and bomb drop


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4 Responses to “Episode #109 | Bomb bay and bomb drop”

  1. What Tail Number Is It Going To Have? I was a crewchief and i got to fly 117 and i also did a lot of the
    nose arts on the b-1b (18 of them) when i was in between 1996-2000…

    do you think you might need a air damn in front of the first bombay
    to keep the intakes from taking in straggling bombs?

    meanwhile, you are doing a great job.

  2. catman says:

    How much will the bombs and the gas in the two leading edge tanks weigh? All of that weight is expendable and is well ahead of the CG regardless of the wing sweep.

  3. Robert Stewart says:

    Perhaps you don’t need to have the nose cone material be entirely
    solid. Why not make a shell of your calcium carbonate that will
    shatter on impact that you can fill with the dry powdery material and
    then just cap it off. You could probably improvise a decent mold using
    model rocket nose cones as your blank. Just tossing ideas out, hope
    they help. I first found your channel many months ago and I absolutely
    love the work you’re doing. I showed it to my dad and he’s hooked now
    too. We can’t wait to see her fly. Keep up the great work, It’s nice
    to see such great craftsmanship in action.

    Robert Stewart
    Norman, Ok

  4. John says:

    When I was in the Army, we had mortar training rounds that had a shot gun casing in the nose cone so when it hit, you would see the puff of smoke where it hit and some sound to it. Well maybe the armed forces could supply something in this mannor. The Dyess AFB show may be a good spot to demonstrate this.

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