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Episode #108 | Installing lite ply bombbay sides Pt.1



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One Response to “Episode #108 | Installing lite ply bombbay sides Pt.1”

  1. Phil says:

    Thx for sharing your build. Have been enjoying your videos (except for month of Sept due vacation); & learning a lot. I’m sending you a token of support by snail mail, but thought I shud send you this comment pronto, in case they get in the way of subsequent fabs.

    I see you have made several large openings in the belly of the bomber. I’m sure you &/or Butch has thought this thru, but just need to comment:

    The belly will be subjected to longitudinal compression due bending loads from both the the nose & especially the tail. Rough estimate wud be 2oo-lbs at the tail if you are easy on the sticks. Therefore two items concerns me:

    1. the cross grained ply shear panels may need vertical stiffening due high L/D ratio; w/c cud be done with a few L shaped graphite moldings/panel.
    2. The center member hatch support bar might even delaminate from the sq wood stock. Complimenting the wood with a rectangular graphite tube may be needed; if your calc shud indicate.

    Keep up & good work. Looking fwd to see it fly in person.

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