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Episode #107 | Bomb bay



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9 Responses to “Episode #107 | Bomb bay”

  1. catman says:

    I haven’t read all the comments people have made to date, so I may have missed this one but I read or heard anyone talking about the wing-like vanes full-sized Bones have alongside the nose. These devices are movable on the big ones and have a very real trim function. Any plans to include them on this model and make them functional?

  2. Guy Sebrechts says:

    I have been following your videos from day 1. Im
    amazed by the building skills of you and your dad (and a bit jealous
    too). Wish i could be present on it’s maiden flight but Antwerp is too far
    away. Keep on posting these video’s on you tube, and lots of luck and
    succes with the building of this magnificent bird!
    Guy (an rc pilot from Belgium)

  3. Andy Askwith says:

    Hi Bob, I have been watching this build for many months now and i have
    the utmost respect for you with this project. I am building a rather smaller model in respect to yours of a
    westland lysander which has had to go on hold for a few months as i had a stroke behind
    my left eye {they called it third nerve palsey}. It is only your vids that are making me want to get back in my shop atm anyway less of my woos big grats on the sterling job and every 1
    around you are doing and good luck and wishes for the new year and
    look forward to more vids ;)

  4. Tom Flynn says:

    Well, well, well this is a great idea! Bob, your dedication and enthusiasm for this project is great! I do not check the videos as often as I had in the poast, but with the web site, it will be a daily adventure now! I cannot wait until you get her in the air, but in the meantime, this is such a great project and I wish you continued success!

  5. George Stone says:

    As I was watching the video about the cruise missile for the aft bay I was thinking….Hey, that won’t fit!
    The B-1 was designed to carry some of its ALCMs (Air Launched Cruise Missile) internally….but not in an individual bay. The ALCMs are too long. The bulkhead between the forward and intermediate bay “was”
    movable. I say was because the bulkhead was glued in place to satisfy the START treaty. But there is a place for the divider/bulkhead farther forward of the present position. This configuration allowed the B-1 to carry the CSRL (Common Strategic Rotary Launcher) in the enlarged intermediate bay and a smaller fuel tank in the much smaller forward bay. Obviously if the cruise missile is for fun (which is what it sounds like) go for it. But if you’re looking for scale realism….maybe external carriage is the answer? Either way….it sounds like a kick in the pants. I enjoy each of your updates and think you’re doing a great job with the Bone!

  6. Scot (B1 Crew Chief) says:

    AWESOME…I finally caught up with the build…spent the last 3 months watching ALL the videos and all I can say is BAD TO THE BONE!!! I’ve been a Bone CrewDawg for 16 years started in 91 when it was still in the “testing” phase we were still using temp Tech orders and writing new ones that are being used today…I left Dyess in 07 and now stationed at Yokota in Japan. I will NEVER leave my B1 roots I am a BONE Crew Chief and that I will remain. This aircraft is RIGHT ON POINT; I LOVE the gear it’s amazing the detail ya’ll have done. As for the wing like vanes (Structural Mode Control System or SMCS vanes) they are utilized for Low level control to help reduce backbone fluctuations (vibrations). Not sure that system will be of benefit on this build BUT need to add a set in the neutral position for looks and detail. GREAT JOB Guys…can’t wait to see it fly…You REALLY need to do it’s maiden flight at Dyess FIRST Home of the B-1; it’s only fitting first B-1 delivery and first Bone RC Flight…I do believe it’s 25 years this year, June 29,1985, the “Star of Abilene” 83-0065 (well actually 83-0066 but that’s another story).

  7. Champdriver says:

    You and your dad should come out to Benton Airpark, Stearman Field
    for your New Years day Lunch. There will be a grand opening of the New
    Restaurant on the Field. You’ll like the Aviation Motif, with about 16
    RC models in the Dinning area. With all the Concrete around this little airfield it would make a
    great place to do any Taxi Test for the B1B, when the time is right.
    Good luck, and keep the Videos coming.

  8. Jack says:

    Any thoughts about putting a small video camera in the cockpit or nose cone. That would be awesome. Also there is technology out there for FPV(First Person View) and someone on Youtube developed and is testing a long range system. I think as far as 5KM.
    Check it out!

  9. Jetjock (Uk) says:

    Great Stuff Bob & Dad,great Web site,you are an insperation to us all,keep on trucking.

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