Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Episode #179 Pt.1 | Setup at Dyess Air Force Base

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5 Responses to “Episode #179 Pt.1 | Setup at Dyess Air Force Base”

  1. ron says:

    where the wheel stops it going to roll of the table u know one of those nuklhead gen is going to play with it looks great guys my hat off to both of you

  2. Austin powers says:

    Even the napkins are shaped like the B1

  3. andy askwith says:

    hi bob and guys that is looking really great you have done yourselves proud and what an honor to be there i wish i could have been there :( but i think the round here wouldnt like the trip in the water from the uk as im not allowed to to fly :( great work guys keep it up ;)

  4. andy askwith says:

    the buses that should have been in there :)

  5. Jim Jamieson says:

    My nephew in the USAF Academy is gonna like this!

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