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Desert Jet Storm 2011 | DC-11 Jet Crash

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3 Responses to “Desert Jet Storm 2011 | DC-11 Jet Crash”

  1. jeff Alter says:

    definately stalled it…too bad…must have had plenty of washout in the wings to fall flat..also too bad the video didnt catch the impact..lot of time and money spent..

    thanks for the vid…I feel better now..

  2. Ron says:

    How bad was the damage? Was any if it salvageable? That’s to bad, it seemed to fly well and looked very scale in the in flight.

  3. B1ModelProject says:

    Wing broke away pretty clean. The wing was all intact with some tears in places. I never did see the fuselage come back. They must have walked to the parking lot. Maybe not as bad. Im sure if he has all the molds, it can be back in the air in no time.

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