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Day at the Flying Flield #8 | Focke Wulf Foamy

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4 Responses to “Day at the Flying Flield #8 | Focke Wulf Foamy”

  1. Jeff Leckemby says:

    Bob… love the flying field videos. May I give a suggestion. Please put a small piece of foam rubber over the mic hole on the camera. The wind noise makes listening to the very unpleasant. I know right… I could turn down the audio. But, I and perhaps others, like listening to the planes sounds as well as commentary.

  2. Ron Dunaway says:

    A wind sock on the mic would do wonders. If it’s just a mic hole in the camera, you can cut a round piece of foam and use shoo-goo adhesive to put it on. It doesn’t get hard and if you ever need to replace it or remove it for what ever reason…

    Thanks for the vids.

  3. Jürgen says:

    Hey Bob,

    There is no use in using a Full HD Camera without any stabilisation.
    So quit zooming,
    get a tripod
    …and is there no optical stabilizer in the camera?!

  4. RICK O. says:

    hey bob, just finished up my project it’s a 22′ b1-bomber with 4 p-200s see ya at waco!!!!!!!! oh ya have a nice day. just kiddin, but i hope there is nobody out there trying to steal your thunder man. i hope you sell all your thunder cheifs so you can get workin on the bomber. i love the thunderchifes, but man i can’t wait to see the big bird fly!!!!!!! no dout you work your ars off and give us killer vid’s. thank you! Richard,

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