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Countdown to Phoenix #7 | Road Trip

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3 Responses to “Countdown to Phoenix #7 | Road Trip”

  1. Y’all have a GREAT, SAFE, FUN-FILLED trip to Phoenix, Tucson and all the stops along the way. ANY videos will be highly appreciated since most of us will be freezing our bottoms off in the blizzard-soaked rest of the country. With any luck, maybe a few of us can do a little “hangar-talk” here in the comments section…………

  2. Joe Jay says:

    Sweete Bob you have the same trailer I got. have fun be safe & drama free brother. I hope they lay the red carpet out for you guys and I hope everything Goes well for both of you. Amen!

  3. Brent says:

    Be safe on that road and have a good time Professor Bob.

    That air museum in Pima is incredible. I have been there three times and I can’t wait to go again.

    Last time I went to the bone yard they were grinding Phantoms. They had a pile of F-4 nose cones next to the shredder that was probably thirty feet tall. I wanted to cry. They had a line of corsairs without wings on pallets next to each other that went on for a long way. It was something to see all those fine machines lifeless and used up. It kills me to see them destroyed.

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