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Countdown to Phoenix #6 | T-45 and CG

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8 Responses to “Countdown to Phoenix #6 | T-45 and CG”

  1. CG questions. Use the CG website I sent you, and you will answer most of your own questions. That is a very good program, and it is easy to use. If you know where the cg is located now, see if the program agrees with it. It also shows you how much leeway you have befor thangs go critical. It will eleminate all the guess work. I use it all the time designing my cheap throw away planes. It has never let me down.

  2. Joe Jay says:

    Bob the hot chick looks good in the t-45, but if you allready have it CG’d & set up for video that’s cool. Maybe you can take her for some hot laps in the J-Model F-16. You know there is a female thunderbird pilot & a J-model f-15 Pilot and I got two hot chicks in my playboy bunny scheme F-4 (Jeta lee & Jena lee) they are hot & top heavy. I had a hell of time CGing them, thats my story & I’m CGing it Dude. I’m kidding I hope your smilen Brother.

  3. Brent says:

    Keep up the good work Professor Bob!!! I agree with you. I have always CGed my planes for landing. Tank dry and gear down. Of course whenever I can get the tank centered on CG thats even better, but I would rather fly nose heavy and land closer to balanced than to fly balanced and land tail heavy. If I am using a header tank or a bubble trap I will fill that with fuel before balancing because that will remain filled with fuel on landing. This is just another meaningless opinion from from someone who has been flying models 40 years and hates to crash. I am still learning all the time and you have taught me quite a few tricks Professor Bob. None of us are the perfect modeler, but it is refreshing to see one who is willing to take the time to hang out, entertain and pass on what he knows with the message “If I can do this, so can you”.

    Proffessor Bob. I was doing some research on a Bearcat and ran across a picture of your purple and white Rare Bear and saw you leaning on a table in the background. Nice plane Professor. Was that a Ziroli, American eagle or what?

  4. Sid Gates says:

    Gerald Robinson- Would you share your C/G web site here? Thanks

  5. To Sid Gates. The website is up on the right side of Bob`s main page. Just click on it and put in you information that it asks for, and it will calculate the CG, AC, and NP. points for your Airplane. Its a great little program.

  6. To Sid Gates.
    Ps, let me know how it works for you. I use it a lot. Just remember, if you put junk information in, you will get junk out.

  7. Brent says:

    Mr. Robison. That cg site is is a good guide for a scratch builder. Thank you!! I will be plug in some numbers and see how it works for me. Do you know where I can get a formula for delta wings with a slightly swept trailing edge with leading edge under camber.

    Thanks again for posting that sight.

  8. Sory, I can`t help you with that one. I have built severial delta wing models, and the CG always ends up being further forward than you would expect. At least to get them to fly wright.
    Cropduster48 on U-Tube.

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