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Countdown to Phoenix #3 | Making Cradle


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2 Responses to “Countdown to Phoenix #3 | Making Cradle”

  1. carlb says:

    Hi Bob,

    Have you thought about weapon pylons for the F-105?

    I know it’s too late for the contest but I always loved this painting of the F-105 by Keith Ferris.

    It shows the Thunderchiefs taking out the Paul Daumer bridge. You have to look really close to see all the 105’s in the picture.

    Had an idea for your next project. You said you like to build things that there are not too many of, how about a Vigilante? I like the A-6 idea too.

    Awesome work on your planes

  2. catman says:

    You know this sounds like another contest to me, Bob. We get to submit a list of airplanes we’d like to see you build and then you and Butch reduce the list to five or six that you are pretty sure you can build successfully, then we get to vote with our wallets for the one we’d most like to see you build. Maybe a dollar a vote? Let the contest run for a while in order to build up a little cash. If nobody votes, you don’t build anything and we all have to go back to watching Oprah.

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