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Countdown to Phoenix #2 | Prepping Jets


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2 Responses to “Countdown to Phoenix #2 | Prepping Jets”

  1. Brad says:


    Building an A-6E Intruder would be awesome; I was stationed with VA-115 when they were attached to Carrier Air Wing 5 (CAG5) in Japan onboard the USS MIDWAY CVA-41. Here is another idea, I have never seen a flying jet model of th EA-6B Prowler, you see the Prowler was the strech version of the A-6E but had a different mission. The Prowlers mission was electronic counter measure to include killing radar sites using the HARM anti radiation missle. The A-6 and the EA-6B had the same landing gear but the Prowler had engines that put out more power than the A-6’s engines. By the way, spent four year’s with The Scorpions (VAQ-132), they are now flying the new EA-18G Growler from boeing.

    Bob, you are doing a great job love the mini series to include the 105 build.

  2. Ron says:

    The Video is not on the website. I searched YouTube and found several comments about it. It must have been funny based on the comments. Everyone has a bad day once and again… This must have been one of his??? Any ways, have a great time in Pheonix and a safe trip. I wish you would have been able to fly the 105 there. But hat’s the way it goes sometime.

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