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Countdown To Kentucky Jets 2011 #1

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5 Responses to “Countdown To Kentucky Jets 2011 #1”

  1. I don’t need to tell you, Bob-o, bring lots of sunscreen, a good hat and PLENTY of water. Good luck, make lots of videos and drive safely. We’re counting on you to have a GREAT time and to share the experience.

  2. michael fox says:

    bob o bring some wood just in emergency so you can fix someing broking smiles

  3. Gary Baugh says:

    Bob-o, there is almost a hundred-percent probability that someone at the jet meet will have the air valves that you need and will be willing to let you buy, beg, or borrow until your supply arrives. As you well know, the spirit of camaraderie, generosity and willingness-to-help is never in short supply at any modeller’s gathering. The time has come to get Stank (Bob) and Salty (Butch) in the air!

  4. Rick says:

    Bob< I would like to see some flight videos…are there any?

  5. JoeJay says:

    Hay yall whats up!, Hello Bob, I’m sure there will be lots of venders out there that might have what you need If not thats cool any jet you fly is a thrill for me brother.

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