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Composite P-51 Mini #6 | Surface Coat

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4 Responses to “Composite P-51 Mini #6 | Surface Coat”

  1. rye says:

    hi bob
    hey we havent seen any videos from jdthud cant wait to see the two seater love what your doing keep up the good work,rye

  2. Gary Baugh says:

    Hey Bob-O, I see you found your flat-nosed carpet scissors. Where were they?

  3. Ernie Poole says:

    I heard you mention 049 power Bob. This project cries out for a 2S LiPo and a nice inrunner motor. Inrunner because the P-51 nose is so narrow. Nobody asked, just one guys thought to add to the pile of unsolicited info I’m sure you receive.

    Thanks for what you do…..

  4. bob got you 2 o49 cox engine on the way should be there thur or fri

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