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Camlex Foamie T-45 | Maiden Flight


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2 Responses to “Camlex Foamie T-45 | Maiden Flight”

  1. Jim J says:

    Next time Bob just duct tape the video camera to the side of yer head and cut two eye holes so you can see. Pulls a tad on the hair a bit coming off tho, but it works when there’s nobody at the field (as usual) and you need somebody to video and there’s no wireless microphone.

  2. Gerry Glover says:

    Hi Bob
    I have just received my T-45 from Monica and would like to clarify the best battery combination to use.
    You mentioned ‘2 x 2200 packs’ and also ’24volts’ – what was the best battery set up you have used to date,and how was it wired up?
    Many thanks
    Gerry Glover
    New Zealand

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