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Camlax F-35 | Inflight Camera

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7 Responses to “Camlax F-35 | Inflight Camera”

  1. Jeff Alter says:

    Happy New Year Bob…that F35 sure looks like fun..I have been looking at those electric ducted fan models..they are a great band for the buck…

    next time you take us up, aim the camera more towards the ground…I think the landscape would be a better target than blue sky..LOL

    but its all good…no drama at the flying field…I enjoyed it..


  2. andy says:

    well no drama at the feild but could you change the time stamp of the bobo
    cam please it says 2008 lol :)

    This is a website for a free airplane CG calculator. It is easy to use, and it works. I use it to check my new designs. It also shows where the AC, and NP are located. Nice things to know befor you fly.
    Happy new year. You are truly a man of many talents.

  4. Gary Baugh says:

    What a great way to start the new year—the “Bob-o-lator” on the sticks of the Cam-lex X-35 as seen through the Cam-lex “Bob-o-cam.” Thanks for reminding us what this sport is all about—building, flying and SHARING our knowledge, joy and skill.

    BOB-O-LATOR-King of the videos—
    BOB-O-LATOR-Emperor of epoxy—-
    BOB-O-LATOR-Ambassador for the modeling experience—

  5. catman says:

    I did pretty much the same thing today except I was actually in the airplane at the time. Views and sensations were about the same. Only thing different was my landing was worse.

  6. Josh Waszak says:

    Hey Bob,
    You say it was a little cold out at the field. I am here in wisconsin and it sure looks like nice weather to me. You didnt even have a hat on. What cold to you guys down there? 50 degrees. Just kidding. Videos are great and I will keep watching

  7. B1Bomber says:

    Thanks Gerald, I put a link on the website. Nice site!

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