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Butch Sickels #14 |B1 Spar and flap track


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6 Responses to “Butch Sickels #14 |B1 Spar and flap track”

  1. Jim J says:

    Fascinating demo Butch!
    Well…off to fly my Jr. Falcon


  2. Jim J says:

    From what I can see of your track design, as the flaps deploy, increasing lever to fulcrum force from air pressure is exerted on the tracks with the potential for track binding. Are the tracks lubricated? Graphite? Are you going to use a “microswitch” to prevent the flaps from being deployed when the wings are folded back?

  3. Jim J says:

    Butch: We discussed fuel pumping earlier for determining CG when the wings are swept forward and backward. Do you know of anyone who is tracking fuel tank levels with pressure transducers? I got to thinking about telemetry and how receiver battery voltage is now being reported, but I haven’t seen a way of monitoring fuel tank level via telemetry. G forces would be a factor, but a known starting pressure could be used for comparison.

  4. Jim, we have used the track design for years and it has never bound up. As far as pumping fuel goes we would use water in a closed system. That way we would know how much water we moved per seconds of pumping. It will take a little work but we will get there.

  5. Jim J says:

    Butch: thanks for the reply and technical correspondence!
    Experience speaks loads! Glad the track design never binds. It just looks like it would under load, but I guess not! Pumping water in a closed system for CG adjustment is a great idea you probably won’t need much. Closed system got me thinking. One way would be to use two pistons or syringes connected with plastic tubing spanning the CG range. Powerful linear servos could move the water back and forth between the pistons/syringes by pushing/pulling the plungers for very fine CG adjustment. The system would need to be air tight and probably a “T” used to burp air and add water.

  6. Jason Hoyle says:

    Spars are looking great Butch….1 miniute at a time!

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