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Butch Sickels #13 | B1 Spar Plug


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One Response to “Butch Sickels #13 | B1 Spar Plug”

  1. Brent says:

    Hey Butch. Your CNC is awsome. I’m like you, I also wish that I had the money to help Bob with his bomber. After watching and listening to him work I’m just about positive he helps fellow modelers all the time just for the love of the sport. You sure did help him get started with the project though. Supplying the blue foam CNC art that he turned into a plug saved countless fabrication hours. I know that the time you are spending figuring out the wings is taking a bite out of your free time and family time. Thanks for your dedication to the sport. Not just the B1 but all the projects your working on. You have some real cool stuff on your mind from what I’ve seen. So many projects. To bad days aren’t a little longer so we can get everything done that we have on our minds.

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