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Butch Sickels #12 Part 5 | Cutting the B1 Bomber Spar

9 Responses to “Butch Sickels #12 Part 5 | Cutting the B1 Bomber Spar”

  1. Jim J says:

    Butch: What kind of material are you cutting the spars out of?

  2. It is REN Shape. GREAT STUFF ! But Expensive ! That piece is $820.

  3. richard says:

    Butch: Are you going to cover the REN with carbon fiber, or is this just the plug? thanks Richard,

  4. The REN is just a plug. We will pull a mold off the plug and lay-up the actual spars. The spars and molds have to be very accurate that’s why we are using the REN.

  5. Jim J says:

    This process is all new to me, so I have more questions.

    So the REN Shape is first cut with the CNC using the computer program you showed us and this REN Shape plug is then covered with a mold. So what is the REN Shape plug covered with to make the mold? Assuming the REN Shape can be used to make more wing spars (expensive stuff!) what’s used to release the mold off the REN Shape?

    Assuming the spar is made from layers of carbon fiber and glass composite, how is the spar released from the mold?

    Fascinating stuff! And thanks for demonstrating all of this!
    I’ll get my head wrapped around this process yet!


  6. Matthew says:

    wow..that’s amazing, do you bolt the piece of wood down or I don’t see any guides..I guess it’s so heavy you don’t have to worry about that?


  7. Jerry says:

    Butch, very impressive work, no doubt in my mind the bird will be sucessful. This ren material exactly what is it plastic particle board or what???

  8. Matthew, the Ren is very heavy but I pit dry wall screws in it to hold it down to the table.
    Jerry the Ren is a plastic material. A lot of Aircraft company’s use it to produce tooling. We used a lot at Lockheed when I was there.
    Jim J, everything is released with wax.
    I’ll show more of the molding process when the plugs are finished.

  9. Matthew says:

    thanks for the answer butch! That’s an amazing setup you got there..

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