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Building Ali Machinchy’s F-105 Thunderchief #12 | Ready for Kentucky Jets

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6 Responses to “Building Ali Machinchy’s F-105 Thunderchief #12 | Ready for Kentucky Jets”

  1. Gary Baugh says:

    Any links out there for free vids of the flying at Kentucky Jets? I haven’t found any info on Bob’s arrival at the usual sources of info and am really interested in seeing Ali’s new, improved Thunderchief in the air. I’m dying with anticipation………..

  2. Mimos says:

    I’m with ya, BOB WHERE ARE YOU!

  3. rye says:

    we need are FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JoeJay says:

    Hello Bob Nice Job, hope Your having fun Brother.

  5. Wayne Folsom says:

    Where is Bob? Where is the Thunderchief? I saw a pic of it at Kentucky Jets on RC Universe but thats it. I hope everything is okay with you and the Jet

  6. rye says:

    now that china is making chevys and OS engines maybe they grabbed b1-bob on the highway on his way home to make jets in china lol
    bobs taking a break which he needs before he get back in the game enjoy bob recharge does battery

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