Bob Moore brings you Bob TV. RC Turbine Jet Building Action!

Bob TV | Get Your T-Shirt #2


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7 Responses to “Bob TV | Get Your T-Shirt #2”

  1. Dave Lee says:

    Bob: What is your size for the T-Shirt? We are about the same shape. lol. And how does one send you the donation? Nice paint job on the 105. When will we see some real videos of it flying?

  2. Gary Baugh says:

    O.K. Bob, I e-mailed you Scottie and I’s sizes, address, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers, auto registration numbers, heights, weights, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and a note from my doctor that we’re wear B-1 Bomber and Thud shirts………….We can hardly wait!!!!

  3. Gary Baugh says:

    Dave Lee, In case Bob forgets, go to the T-shirts site at the top of this page. Click there and it will transfer you to what you need to know to order your shirt/shirts. Bob’s e-mail address is: if you have any trouble.

  4. Gary Baugh says:

    Tell him Gary sent you………….

  5. Gary Baugh says:

    Correction, Dave, that’s (a synaptic lapse in judgement forced me to erroneously submit the first, and incorrect, address). My bad……

  6. B1Bomber says:

    Hey Gary, the email is fine either way. The email servers dont care about upper or lowercase email address. Just a FYI.

  7. Gary Baugh says:

    Thanks, John, I/m so used to case-sensitive details I border on paranoia. At any rate, I wouldn’t want the “Lee-O-Lator” or the “Bob-O” blaming me for an unnecessary glitch.
    When the kits are completed, I cast my vote for a Horten Ho-229. This was a rare, beautiful and historic twin-engined flying wing that many credit as the inspiration for our own stealthy wing/bomber. Its relatively simple design would lend easily to Bob’s style of building and would turn everyone’s eyes at the flying field. A full-scale replica was recently completed and chronicled on a National Geographic site (google: Horten Ho-229).

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